Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Easter Rooster

It is Easter! A lot of things are nuts about our Easter, but I will save some for another year. Today we will focus our attention to the Easter Rooster (påsktuppen).

In some, clearly less inventive, countries the Easter Bunny lays the Easter eggs, and they are generally filled with egg. This is silly! Everyone knows that bunnies do not lay eggs, they are mammals. In Sweden, the Easter Rooster lays the eggs instead, and instead of filling the eggs with egg, they are filled with candy (and made out of cardboard).

I hope you have all been good kids, and that you found a little present from the rooster today, to cheer you up! Here is a picture of the Easter Rooster, to help you stay on the lookout for him, if you see him -- don't be afraid to ask for more candy!

Easter birds. 
(Putting feathers on twigs is another important tradition.)

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